Our Crew

Dominic has been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 35 years and has built successful businesses in the service, construction and consulting industries. Dominic is the founder and President of Nicosia Contracting International, a... Read More

Kevin Pratt

Capital Projects
Kevin possesses over 30 years of business experience focused in the construction and capital expansion arenas. Kevin has successfully completed several hundred projects ranging from large-scale development projects to fast track specialty construction. Kevin holds... Read More

Tim Dowling

Marina Operations Manager
With more than 35 years of operations, asset management and training experience, Starting in the maritime industry at age 16, he has spent his life in multiple facets of the recreational and commercial boating. He... Read More
Chris started with Galahad Marine in January 2018 and was first hired as a sales representative. In August 2018, Chris was promoted to Sales Manager due to his excellent sales performance, customer service initiatives, and... Read More