Considering repowering your boat this year? Let Galahad Marine Service, an authorized Suzuki Repower Center, guide you through the process! Repowering not only extends your boat’s lifespan but also requires more thought than simply bolting on new engines. Distinguished in the marine industry, Galahad Marine Service is Maryland’s premier marine sales and service facility. Our reputable standing is built on the trust of boating clients who rely on our advice to meet their needs.

Authorized Suzuki Repower Center

As an authorized Suzuki Repower Center, Galahad leads the competition in repower experience. Whether you’re in need of a new motor, new controls, instruments, or fuel-system components, we provide guidance and communication throughout the process. Furthermore, Galahad Marine understands that each step is pivotal for a flawless re-power!


Why repower?  To bring new life to your boat! You can expect enhanced performance, improved fuel efficiency, and extended motor longevity!  Upgrading to modern, efficient engines boosts overall power. Upgrading also ensures a smoother and more reliable boating experience. Repowering allows you to take advantage of advanced technologies. You will experience reduced emissions and operating costs, while maximizing value. Elevate your boating adventures with a repowered boat motor! Enjoy the benefits of increased speed, better responsiveness, and a more enjoyable time on the water.


Garmin Marine Electronics

For new marine electronics, turn to Galahad Marine Sales. In addition to being an  authorized Suzuki Repower Center, Galahad is also a Garmin Marine electronic center. Garmin offers reliable, user-friendly products with the strongest sonar capabilities on the market. Garmin provides boaters with intuitive tools for navigation, communication, and fish-finding. Ensure a safer experience on the water with Garmin marine equipment.

Elevate your boating experience with Galahad Marine’s top-notch equipment and expert guidance. Galahad is Maryland’s premier authorized Suzuki Repower Center serving Eastern Shore Maryland, and beyond!


Call Galahad Marine Service at 833-425-2423 and press 2 to speak with a member of our service team.

Experience the Galahad difference!


Suzuki Marine Repower Services
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